Theengs Gateway is a multi platforms, multi devices BLE to MQTT gateway that leverages the Theengs Decoder library (opens new window). It retrieves data from a wide range of BLE sensors; LYWSD03MMC, CGD1, CGP1W, H5072, H5075, H5102, TH1, TH2, BBQ, CGH1, CGDK2, CGPR1, RuuviTag, WS02, WS08, TPMS, MiScale, LYWSD02, LYWSDCGQ, MiFlora... translates this information into a readable JSON format and pushes those to an MQTT broker.

Enabling integration to IOT platforms or home automation controllers like NodeRED (opens new window), AWS IOT (opens new window), Home Assistant (opens new window), OpenHAB (opens new window), FHEM (opens new window), IOBroker (opens new window) or DomoticZ (opens new window).

The gateway uses the bluetooth component of your Raspberry Pi, Windows, Apple desktop, laptop or server by leveraging python and multi platform libraries.


Theengs Gateway can be used as a standalone solution or as a complementary solution to OpenMQTTGateway (opens new window) as it uses the same MQTT topic structure and the same payload messages. Your OpenMQTTGateway Home Automation BLE sensors integration will work also with Theengs gateway.

The gateway will retrieve data from BLE sensors from Govee, Xiaomi, Inkbird, QingPing, ThermoBeacon, ClearGrass, Blue Maestro and many more.

Last Updated: 6/13/2023, 10:41:22 PM